I am very glad that it’s been more than a year working in Shawty’s and i can certainly say it’s one of the best place i have ever worked. It’s such a pleasure to work with such a wonderful team and our boss Troy and Rachael always being very supportive, positive and motivating us.


Working for Troy and Rachel is great! They will go above and beyond to make you feel happy to be here working with them. Also Twizel is a great little town with a great community and lots of nature to go and explore around here, with Mt Cook just around the corner!


Twizel is a fantastic small community that bursts at it seams during summer. There's a lot of work to be done and even more fun to be had! Paradise for any outdoorsy person. Came here for one summer and stayed for three! All thanks to an amazing team and wonderful owners.


Twizel is just a great place to work and live. On our days off, my partner and I always go hiking and camping. Even within the range of a 2-day (weekend) distance, there’s so much to see and do in this area. 


I am working at Shawtys for almost 3 years now. I am still working here because of the healthy working environment - there's no pressure and stress. Rachel and Troy are also very supportive and providing care to their staff. Also, Twizel community is a peaceful small community which is the reason why I love living here. 


I like working at Shawtys because the staff really inspires, supports and motivates each other to always work hard and learn new things!



The Shawty's crew is family. Arriving in Twizel in 2017 to work at Shawty's, me and my partner was supposed to be here for one summer, we loved the location of Twizel and the family vibe of the team so much we haven't left; even setting down our own roots here by welcoming our baby girl here in 2019 and now just recently applying for residency. 


The staff members are friendly and professional and it's good to be part of an A-team! We work together, from the kitchen to the front of house, to offer our guests awesome food & service for an amazing experience.


Twizel is an amazing place, surrounded by magical views and it's community is warm and friendly. Working for Shawty's for the past 4 years is certainly a highlight of my life in the town. Troy and Rachel are special people that would be part of my family forever. My trajectory was full of personal and professional improvements, in busy and fun times and where I have made friends for life.



Grew up in Twizel and coming into my 4th year working at Shawtys and I can say it’s the best hospo job in town offering lots to personal and professional growth and working here truely has a ‘family’ vibe with crew and bosses coming together and sharing a couple drinks. 


I joined the Shawty's crew back in December 2017, within 2 weeks I felt at home and 2 and a half years on I am still here. Twizel is a great wee town with Mount Cook being up the road, a great place to explore and hike on days off. I couldn't ask to work for better bosses, with a better crew and serving awesome locals that love a chat! 


Working at Shawty's has been such a good experience, great team and great bosses. the team is like a family, surrounded by good caring people.