Let’s look after mother earth (and our local charities)

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Disposable cups, not so good?

As many of you know, there is been a lot of discussion going around lately about disposable takeaway cups. Now you might come up with the argument saying ‘but disposable takeaway cups are biodegradable’. Yes, they are, but did you know that less than 1% off all disposable takeaway cups worldwide is actually being recycled? The rest just ends up in the landfill. Furthermore, the production of these disposable cups relies heavily on natural resources. And that all for a cup you use for only one time. This together makes it that disposable takeaway cups are not that good at all.

Coffee Supreme

In a recent article Al Keating (CEO of Coffee Supreme) also made clear Coffee Supremes attitude towards disposable takeaway cups. Mentioning that they are aiming on an increase of bringing in a reusable cup when you get a takeaway coffee. This is something that we at Shawtys would like to support and encourage.

Support each other

Also, looking at the current economic market, many local companies and charities can use some extra support. As being a local and small company, we would like to integrate into this market by also helping locals out.

What can we do?

Therefore we have decided that from now on, every time a customer buys a takeaway coffee using a reusable cup, we will donate a small amount of money towards a local charity. So, how will this work?

Local charities

You may not have been aware, but previously customers would get a small discount for using a reusable cup. From now on - when you use your reusable cup - we will donate this to a local charity.

These local charities will change every month. So at the beginning of each month, we will 1). Proclaim how much money we collected over the previous month going to the charity of the month, and 2). Announce a new charity for the new month.


Are you still looking for a cool KeepCup? Don’t worry, because we at Shawtys always have a stock available for sale. Whether you’re drinking a long black, big flat white or even a tea: we will have the perfect KeepCup for you in store!

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