"Hospitality gets under your skin and for me it is a lifestyle as well as a business"

Sixteen years ago, my world was changed by the sudden death of my daughter, Samantha (Shawty). Exactly one year and one day later, Shawty’s was born.

From humble beginnings with only seven tables, fifteen years and some twenty-five tables later Shawtys began with a purpose to create a space for the community to escape everyday life, experience culture and connect with each other - today that hasn’t changed.

At the forefront of our business every day, are our people. Over the years we have welcomed staff from all over the world who have challenged us to open our minds and our pallets, and have left a piece of themselves behind.  

People, culture and community are the values and the resources that have helped to build our business and this is something that I am endlessly proud of.

These values, along with expanding our knowledge of sustainable practices, drive our vision to provide the best service and experience for every customer every time.

Troy and Rachel


Head chef

"I love eating and trying new stuff. Food is an amazing endless word that keeps me motivated."

What are your early childhood food memories?

My grandma raised me and she shared her love for food with me. We used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Cooking and trying new recipes and spending a good amount of quality family time. So when I think about childhood food memories the first thing that comes to my mind is my grandma. She taught me everything she knew about food. I'm a chef because of her and all my childhood memories.

What is your style of cooking?

Working with seasonal products and trying to make everything from scratch. It is important to keep learning about food and understand every process and to have respect for the food that you are making.

Why should people come to Shawty´s to eat?

I think of eating as a journey. At Shawty's we want to get you there and make your journey as good as possible. Shawty's is a place for people who are excited about trying new food, new experiences.




As with all hospitality businesses, we have an everchanging team. Whether it's for the kitchen or FOH, we hire skilled staff from all over the world.

There is no denying that our staff work hard. It is a busy place and they work long hours. But they also earn great money, live together and play together.

Below you will see some past and present crew. Click on the pictures to read their stories!


Do you

want to join us?

Did you get excited by our stories? Here at Shawtys we have plenty of work. Below you will find a list of our current positions. But are you awesome and do you think you will fit in our team? Feel free to contact us!

Current positions:

Long term permanent barista

Fantastic bar manager

Front of house (short and long term)

Kitchen staff (short and long term)


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